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PowerFit Class
Limitless Elite Gym

Your first week of class passes is on us!

(No Obligation)


45 Minute Class

  • Mobility and Prehab (10 mins)

  • Strength Development (20 mins)

  • Circuit Auxilaries (10 mins)

  • Cooldown (5 mins)

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PowerFit > PowerFit - Free Week

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Ever go to the gym and have no idea what you should or what program to follow?

Take the stress out of your workout, and just focus on what you came in to do.  Our 45min PowerFit program has incorporates all aspects of fitness in one class!


Where and When?

All classes take place at Limitless Elite Gym in Appleton.  The schedule is listed in our member portal, additional time slots will be added as the program grows!

*Must sign up at link below to get free classes*

PowerFit 101

What is PowerFit?

PowerFit focuses on all aspects of fitness ensuring longevity both inside and outside the gym!


Get your FREE week of class passes

No Obligations.

Interested but not sure if its for you?

We offer all members a week, with no obligations, absolutely free of charge.

Click Link:

PowerFit > PowerFit - Free Week


We are here to help!
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