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About Limitless Elite Gym

Transforming Limitless Elite Gym from a dream to reality was a lifelong ambition for owners Quintin and Sara Meyer. With years of dedication to the gym, they turned this vision into tangible bricks and mortar, officially opening the doors of Limitless on April 15th, 2016.

What To Expect

Welcoming Community

Inspiring Atmosphere

Extensive Equipment Selection Beyond Typical Commercial Gyms

In a world saturated with Health Clubs and Fitness Centers on every corner, discovering an authentic gym experience has become a rarity - and that's precisely where we step in.

What to anticipate:

  • An inviting and motivating atmosphere that feels like home.

  • A comprehensive Cardio Room.

  • Extensive Free Weights section.

  • Tanning facilities for your convenience.

  • Dumbbells ranging up to 110lbs.

  • A variety of Range-Of-Motion Machines.

  • Hammer Style Machines to elevate your workouts.

  • Plate Stack Machines for versatile training.

  • A dedicated Yoga Room for your peace and flexibility.

  • A dynamic Studio for diverse fitness classes.

  • Well-equipped Shower and Changing Rooms.

  • Cable Machines for customizable workouts.

  • TSS Racks ensuring safety and support.

  • A designated Bodybuilding Posing Room.

  • Top-notch Olympic Weightlifting Equipment.

  • Comprehensive Powerlifting Equipment.

  • Specialized Strongman Equipment for the ultimate challenge.

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