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Personal Training
And Coaching

  • CNS recovery strategies

  • Post training techniques

  • Bedtime techniques​​

  • Injury managment

  • Bridging the gap between prehad and performance

  • Injury prevention

  • Nutrition beyond macros

  • Key micros

  • Fats and hormones

  • Herbal helpers

  • Change in pardigm

  • Soft tissue connective vs muscle recovery

  • Mobilization and stabilization

  • Understanding periosization

  • On-season vs off-season

  • Balance and function

  • Restorative practices

  • and much more

Our training program is meticulously designed to encompass vital aspects of both training and recovery, ensuring a path to success. The seminars offer a comprehensive 360-degree view of training, nutrition, recovery, and often misunderstood aspects of injury management and prevention. Our approach is direct and clear, catering to all levels, from novices to seasoned lifters. Led by Morrison Lamb, a highly qualified professional with extensive experience in training, coaching, and a competitive background in professional MMA for 8 years. With a strong educational foundation in exercise rehab, performance, nutrition, emergency medicine, and herbal medicine, Morrison holds multiple national and international certifications from reputable institutions.


Training and Coaching Options


$99 per session if purchase individually


$89 per session when purchased in a 4 pack.


$79 per session when purchased in a 8 pack.


$69 per session when purchased in a 12 pack.

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