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Member Hours - Open 24/7
Staffed Hours: Mon-Thurs: 3pm-7pm Fri: 8am-noon

Limitless Elite Gym

A Lifters Paradise,

In A Sea Of Commercial Gyms.

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Get Gym Access ANYTIME!

Limitless Elite Gym no longer has staffed hours. However, if you do not have a membership, we make it very easy.  Simply click "Online Gym Membership" fill out your information and you are registered.  Simply call 920-939-2375 and we will buzz you in.  We will direct you on how to receive your fob.



As the owner of Limitless Elite Gym I could go on and on about all the features and benefits we have to offer at Limitless.  However, the exceptionally welcoming and friendly community of people that has formed at our facility is second to none.  I have personally been a lifter my entire life and have never seen anything like it.  


We are not your standard commercial gym with the atmosphere and music that makes you feel like you need to go to the front desk and order a beer.  We do our best to make sure you feel that energy and motivation to get through your workout.  In our gym you will even see over 100 medals and trophies earned from real competitions that the owners (Quintin and Sara Meyer) competed at over the years.



Everyone has different results.  Its no secert that I (Quintin) am a Pro Powerlifter and my wife (Sara) is a Pro Bikini Competitor.  However, Limitless Elite Gym is not restricted to just those demographics and goals.  We have everything you would need for any fitness goal under our roof, Just come by and see.