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Date: 2/18/2024

Start Time: 9:00am

End Time: 11:00am



These seminars are dessigned to address key components of training and recovery that are vital to ensuring success. The seminars will be taking participants into a 360 view of training, nutrition, recovery, and the often misunderstood components of injury management and prevention. Topics will be covered in a direct, and clear manner, considering everyone from the novice lifter to the veteran. Morrison Lamb CPT, PES, CES, FNS, SFS, BCS, HMS, AMN, AHC, EMTf, Training and coaching since 2007. Competitive background in professional MMA 8 years. Educational back ground in exercise rehab, performance, nutrition, emergency medicine and herbal medicine. National and international certifications National Academy of Sports Medicine, Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science, Academy of Applied Movement Neurology American Institute if Vedic Science.


An email will go out to the attendees prior to the event, topics reviewed at this event will reflect the input we get from the attendees.

The seminar will start at 6pm and last until 8pm.  The main subject matter will take the first 90 minutes of the seminar.  The final 30 minutes will be open discussion with the attendees.


All attendees will recieve a free shirt and shaker.

Val-Lift-Time Open Sunday Morning Seminar

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