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Introducing "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" by Limitless – The Apex of Powerlifting Support!

For the ambitious raw powerlifter seeking unparalleled support and performance, the "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" by Limitless are an absolute necessity. Engineered with precision and designed to meet the precise specifications of USA Powerlifting and other powerlifting federations, these knee sleeves provide a level of support that truly sets you apart on the competitive stage.

Key Features:

Unyielding Stiffness - 7mm Thickness: The "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" by Limitless are crafted to be the stiffest in the game, boasting a 7mm thickness—the maximum allowed in powerlifting competitions. Experience optimal support and stability during squats and lifts, enabling you to direct your focus entirely on your form and power.

Perfect Balance for Optimal Support: Our knee sleeves are meticulously engineered and perfectly balanced to offer an ideal blend of stiffness and flexibility, tailored to the specific needs of competitive powerlifters. Achieve the stability you need without sacrificing mobility, empowering you to conquer your lifts.

Compliance with Federation Specs: Crafted to meet the rigorous specifications of USA Powerlifting and other powerlifting federations, our "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" are competition-ready, providing you with the confidence to deliver your best performance on the platform.

Robust Double Stitching: Every seam of the "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" by Limitless is double stitched, ensuring unrivaled durability and longevity even in the most demanding training conditions. These knee sleeves are built to withstand the rigors of competitive powerlifting.

Convenient Carrying Bag: Each pair of "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" comes with a durable carrying bag for effortless transportation and storage. Keep your knee sleeves safeguarded and easily accessible, whether at the gym or on the move.

Precision Sizing for the Perfect Fit: To ensure the perfect fit, measure around your calf and refer to our sizing chart. The right size guarantees you get the utmost benefit and support from our knee sleeves.

We stand firmly behind the quality of our "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" by Limitless and offer a Lifetime Warranty that covers any rips or tears in the sleeve. In the unlikely event of an issue, you can file a claim for a replacement pair. Please note that a minor $20 shipping and handling fee applies for processing your warranty claim.

Elevate your performance and dominate the competition with the "Bulletproof Knee Sleeves" by Limitless. Experience the pinnacle of support, durability, and confidence in every lift. Secure your pair today and power through your powerlifting journey with the assurance of unmatched knee support!


Sizing Chart
IMPORTANT: Measurement is taken at the widest part of your calf.

XS - 28-30.5 cm

S - 30.5-33 cm

M - 33-35.5 cm

L - 35.5-38 cm

XL - 38-40.5 cm

2XL - 40.5-43 cm

3XL - 43-45.5 cm

4XL - 45.5-48 cm

Bulletproof Knee Sleeves