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Introducing our High-Quality Wrist Wraps, meticulously crafted to elevate your lifting game. Our wrist wraps come in two exceptional materials: LSP and LR, each designed to cater to specific needs and optimize your lifting performance.


LSP – Stiff and Tough: Our LSP material is engineered to be the stiffest and toughest wrap, providing unparalleled stopping power in your lift. When you need that extra support to tackle heavy loads and challenging exercises, LSP has got your back – literally. Let it help you reach new heights in your lifting journey.


LR – Stretchy and Durable: The LR material is a perfect blend of stretchiness and toughness, catering to lifters seeking increased revolution and contracting pressure. This wrap offers the flexibility you need while ensuring durability during intense training sessions. Conquer your lifts with the perfect balance of stretch and resilience.


Tailored for Wrist Support and Pressing Movements: Our wrist wraps are meticulously designed to specifically cater to wrist support and pressing movements. Whether you're hitting the bench or engaging in various pressing exercises, these wraps are your ideal companion, providing the stability and reinforcement you need for a successful lift.


Built to Last with Industrial Fastening: Featuring a heavy-duty thumb loop and industrial fastening, our wrist wraps are designed for longevity and security. The robust construction ensures that these wraps can withstand the test of time, supporting you through countless lifting sessions.


Compliance with Powerlifting Standards: Rest easy knowing our wrist wraps are crafted to meet the specifications of USA Powerlifting and all other powerlifting federations. Train with confidence, knowing your gear meets the highest industry standards.


Experience the power of top-tier wrist support with our High-Quality Wrist Wraps. Choose between LSP and LR materials to suit your lifting needs, and elevate your performance with wraps engineered for success. Conquer your lifts, set new records, and train like a true powerhouse.


LR and LSP Wrist Wraps

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