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Sara Jean

Owner Of Limitless

  • 12 Years of Fitness Experience

  • Natural Bikini Pro

  • National USA Powerlifter

  • Certified Judge (USA Powerlifting)

  • Aerialist in Training

  • Fitness Model

  • International Athlete

  • Fitness Coach

  • Business Owner

  • Co-Owner of Limitless Elite Gym with her Husband Quintin (Who is also pretty awesome)

About Lady Limitless

Learn the basics of tracking your macros, how to properly fuel your body to achieve your goals, and barbell 101 to help you feel confident in the gym!



  • How to track macros

  • Where do I begin?

  • Nutrient Timing

  • Diet Myths

  • Importance of barbell training

  • Importance of form, safety, and listening to your body

  • How to use a barbell

  • The Big 3 Basics (Squat, Bench and Deadlift)

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